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Set Sail this August Bank Holiday

Enjoy three days of sailing for the price of two this August Bank Holiday. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore the beautiful South Coast scenery, anchor up in some secluded little bays, relax on board, or embark on some local nature spotting. We have a variety of sailing and motor yachts so you can pick the perfect vessel for your needs, and skippered charters are also available. Your local independently run charter company, we are proud to be pet friendly, meaning the family dog can come along for the adventure too!

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Our Favourite Sailing Destinations in The Solent

The Solent is a sailing haven famed for its dynamic conditions and beautiful destinations. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a beginner, the Solent offers a variety of picturesque harbors, charming towns, and serene anchorages. Here’s a guide to our favourite sailing destinations in the area.

1. Cowes


  • World-renowned yachting hub.
  • Host of the prestigious Cowes Week regatta.
  • Bustling town with excellent marinas and a vibrant atmosphere.

Cowes, located on the Isle of Wight, is synonymous with sailing. Known globally for Cowes Week, one of the oldest and largest sailing regattas, the town offers a lively ambiance, well-equipped marinas, and a rich sailing heritage. Stroll through[...]

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Exploring the Wildlife of the Solent

The Solent consists of a stretch of water separating the Isle of Wight from the mainland of England and is a vibrant marine environment rich with diverse wildlife. This unique body of water, characterized by its strong tides and varying habitats, is a haven for many species. From the bustling shores to the deeper waters, the Solent offers a fascinating glimpse into the marine and coastal ecosystems of Southern England.

Coastal Birds: The Solent's Feathered Residents

The Solent's varied habitats, including salt marshes, mudflats, and dunes, support a wide array of bird species, making it a birdwatcher's paradise. Notable bird species include:

  • Brent Goose (Branta bernicla): These migratory[...]
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Top 5 Sailing Apps to Enhance Your Yacht Charter Experience

Sailing is an adventure filled with excitement, discovery, and sometimes, unpredictability. With the right tools, you can navigate the seas more confidently, plan your journey better, and enhance your overall experience. Here are the top 5 sailing apps we recommend for a more seamless and enjoyable yacht charter.


Building Your Sailing Profile with Sailties App.

The Sailties app allows sailors to create and customise their sailing profiles, enhancing their maritime experience. Users can input personal preferences, track sailing routes, and document memorable voyages. This feature-rich tool ensures that every sailing journey is personalised and optimised for enjoyment and safety.

Sailties is an excellent free app to capture and[...]

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Supporting The Gwennili Trust – Making Sailing Accessible to all!

A collaborative partnership with The Gwennili Trust goes from strength to strength with three week-long cruises this season.


We’re proud to have partnered with Gwennili Sailing Trust to support several sailing trips throughout the season. The charity provides invaluable relief for the mentally and physically disabled, particularly ex-service people providing respite and educational opportunities on board yachts. They are dedicated to making offshore sailing fun and accessible to all.


This year Andy will spend time skippering on board and working with a diverse range of members, sharing the joy of sailing and spending quality time exploring the South[...]

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