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What Sailing Can I do?

We know it can feel like a bit of a mind jumble with all the changes taking place at the moment, but our friendly team is here to help guide you. We've created this handy infographic based on the proposed easing of restrictions in England. Please note this is a guide and can be subject to change.

If you have any questions or concerns about your sailing trip please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our


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Sailing Staycations in The Spotlight


Staycations are due to be popular this year, and if last summer is anything to go by sailing is going to be in huge demand this season!

With complete freedom to explore and a choice of numerous locations to enjoy in one trip, there really is something magical about harnessing the wind to take your yacht wherever you choose. The unique vantage point of the water rather than land makes it even more special.


Winter Maintenance

The fleet and valeting team have been working their socks off with the winter maintenance of our well kept and much-loved charter fleet. 3 yachts are currently out of the water and being given some TLC by the team.

They have spent a lot of time time this season smartening up and polishing the topsides. Keeping the topsides well buffed and polished not only improves yachts cosmetically but can prevent various degrees of damage. Keeping the growth of algae at bay can prevent harm to the seals around hatches and windows and protects canopies from deteriorating and becoming stained. It's an essential part of the busy routine.

We have 3 yachts remaining to be lifted[...]

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Maintenance Top Tips!

We've put together some top tips for caring for your yacht. To make the most of your yachting experience, we believe it really is worthwhile taking a holistic rather than an ad hoc approach.

Think of the condition of your vessel as a reflection on yourself, knowing that if you do the rewards will be plentiful. We touch on everything from cleaning, to inspection and using an effective checklist and maintenance log to get the ultimate results.

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Seal sightings!

The River Hamble is home to some incredible scenery and wildlife. Take a look at some recent footage captured of our local resident harbour seal, playfully basking right up on the foreshore!

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