Pet Friendly

At Hamble Point Yacht Charters we are happy for you to bring your pet along with you for your trip or holiday (a small additional cost is payable to cover extra cleaning)* so the whole family can sail together and you don’t need to worry about the additional costs of kennels or pet care.

We understand that your dog is part of the family and you shouldn’t have to leave them behind. Exploring new places and having adventures is what dog owners and dogs love, so you should all be able to do it together.

Here are a few tips and things to think about to prepare yourself and your dog for your next sailing adventure!

Safety first

Life jackets are essential when sailing with your dog. Your dog may be a strong swimmer, but they’ll eventually get tired. If your dog were to fall overboard or got too excited and decided to jump in, it could take time to manoeuvre the yacht back. Life jackets also make it easier to lift your dog onto the boat or out of the water if they have a lifting strap/handle on the life jacket.

  • You can purchase Life Jackets for dogs in advance. This helpful guide gives some more information on sizing, style, and where to buy these Life jackets.
  • When moving around marinas and on pontoons, keep your dog on a lead to keep them safe and to prevent any unwanted jumps into the water!
  • Moving around and getting comfy on board can also be quite tricky for dogs. Try using a bathroom mat with a non-slip coating on the back to allow your dog to sit and move around more comfortably.

Sun, shade, and water

It comes as a surprise sometimes, but England can get very hot and very sunny in the Summer! To protect your dog from the sun, use some doggy sunscreen.

Make sure there are enough cool, shaded areas on board and that you have plenty of water. Try using a dog bowl with a rubber bottom to stop it from sliding around. If you plan on sailing with your dog a lot, we recommend investing in a Buddy Bowl!


Dogs can get seasick just like humans. Consult your vet before your charter on anti-sickness remedies for your dog.

Toilet break

You may find that if you’re sailing around the Solent you’re stopping quite regularly to see the sights of the South Coast. If not, we recommend bringing a patch of artificial grass and a tray that will encourage your dog to use that. These are easy to clean and avoid having mess roll around on the deck!

Paperwork and vaccinations

If you are planning on heading further afield you should check if you need anything additional in the way of paperwork for your pets.  The RYA have some great information that may help you if you do head outside of UK waters. It is important to ensure you have all the necessary paperwork and vaccinations required.

If you’re taking your pet sailing for the first time, a little extra love and comfort will go a long way. We suggest finding a safe corner in the saloon so that they can curl up and feel safe.

So the next time you’re planning your charter, don’t worry about leaving that vital member of the family behind. Follow these tips with man’s best friend and it will be smooth sailing!