Useful Apps

There are some amazing apps that can definitely make a skipper’s life that little bit easier. Here are a few of the apps that I and the other HPYC skippers and instructors use regularly. We will add to this list in future articles.

We recommend downloading SailTies, the free app to capture and share sailing voyages and build your sailor profile.

 Download to SailTies your next voyage:

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Imray Tides Planner
Imray Tides Planner logoIf we only had space on my smart phone for one app it would be this one. Not only does it contain the tidal heights for standard and secondary ports around the world, this app will work out the height of tide at any given time simply by choosing a port, a date and then moving the slider. One of its less well known features is the built-in Tidal Atlas for the UK, Channel Islands, North Sea and Biscay Coast. Choose a chart and a date and then scroll through the tidal hours. The app shows you the springs or neaps rates for any tidal hour – a far quicker alternative to a pesky tidal ladder!

The basic app is free but this only shows the current day’s tide table. Getting UK, Ireland and German tide tables for any date in the future costs £5.99. The interactive tidal stream atlas costs £5.99 and is valid for any future date.

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Solent Met

Solent Met logoEver wondered why the wind in Hamble Point Marina doesn’t bear any resemblance to the forecast? The SolentMet app relays live weather data from buoys on Bramble Bank, at the top of Southampton Water and at the entrance to Chichester harbour. The app gives you the speed and direction of wind and gusts. BrambleMet also provides visibility data and Chichester gives wave height. Well worth a quick check before setting sail or if you’re wondering whether to set a reef before leaving.

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Navionics logoNavionics now has a much simpler approach – a single app via which you purchase the chart areas that you need. The charts aren’t cheap but they are very detailed, kept up-to-date and useful for passage planning and monitoring. Navionics charts are used in many of the on-board chartplotters including Raymarine, B&G, Lowrance and Simrad so they are well maintained. Navionics is continuously adding new functionality to the app.

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Google Earth

Google Earth logoCharts, pilot books and almanacs contain stacks of information and are the key tools for planning any passage. Add Google Earth to the mix and you can get an extra layer of information before arriving somewhere new. The satellite views of an entrance or layout of a marina or anchorage can really help you to visualise the place and enhance your pilotage plan.

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