Yacht Charter Ownership & Management in cooperation with Yacht-Match

 Are you interested in charter ownership and would like the best guide to charter ownership ?

We are proud to be in partnership with Yacht-Match and to offer our charter customers a first-class yacht charter investment with our tailored charter management programs.

Yacht-Match is a Swedish company with an international presence and have offices in Europe (Sweden & Holland) and in the United States (San Diego).

Yacht-Match offers you an unbiased and professional sales guidance in acquiring your tailor-made yacht charter ownership.

You will gain access to the best deals and become equipped with the best comparison tools and financing options when deciding on what type of yacht and charter management programme you want to choose.

Contact us to get your free brochure and your invitation to a personal meeting at the next boat show near you!

*How can Yacht-Match help you? 

1) Start today by letting us know what is your preferred yacht and sailing area.

2) You can choose among the current offers and standard investment programs or receive a more tailored investment program.

3) We can match your current yacht-and charter management offer and introduce you to the possibilities that lie beyond the standard offers.

4) When starting your Yacht-Match Consultancy you receive a committed an experience team of specialists to offer you exceptional technical competence; legal-& tax expertise; financing, and profound insight from more than 20 years in the industry.


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