Winter Yacht Maintenance – Our Recommended List Of Works

With over 25 years of experience in Yacht Management we always recommend to our owners that its important to carry out preventative maintenance and protect their yachts from deteriorating over the winter.  This is why we have so many customers returning to us because our fleet is always so well prepared.  We also offer this same service to boat owners who do not have their yachts on Charter Management.

It is all too easy to forget and to just hope things will still work when you arrive for your first sail in the Spring.

We have detailed below is our recommendations for winter works that we typically carry out to all the vessels we manage.

We are flexible and able to adapt the list to suit the your specific requirements.  Our Maintenance and valeting teams have many years of experience in caring for yachts between them and are able to also work with you to identify anything you might also need looking at.

You can download the list to identify what you need doing and send it to us for a quote.


  • Prepare hull, keel and rudder for antifouling and advise should sand blasting be recommended

  • Remove loose paint

  • Sand hull, keel, and rudder

  • Wash down and remove dust prior to painting

  • Apply primer to hull, keel, and rudder

  • Clean any rust on the keel, apply primer

  • Apply two coats of your preferred antifoul (we can provide advice on options)


  • Replace anodes as required

  • Respray sail drive leg

  • Service, clean and polish propeller

  • Clean and grease bow thruster prop

  • Remove, clean and refit sail drive seal

  • Service rope cutter

  • Check cutlass bearing and stern gland, replace if required

  • Replace rudder bearing

  • Check and replace, if required, rudder bearing

  • Check hull to keel joint

  • Lower anchor to ground and check chain and fixings, de-rust, paint if required and mark

  • Check drive system


  • Inspect and grease seacocks


  • Spring clean heads

  • Service heads

  • Empty holding tanks, flush through with fresh water and tank cleaner

  • Clean toilets through with fresh water and dismantle pump to prevent freezing

  • Check heads pipes for calcification and replace as necessary

Winches and Jammers

  • Service winches (Please specify number of winches)

  • Service jammers

Sails and Rigging

  • Remove all sails and covers and send away for cleaning and servicing

  • Take and collect sails and canvas to Sailmakers

  • Sailmakers to check and repair sails and canvas as necessary

  • Quote for replacement sails or canvas (please specify requirement):

  • Refit sails and canvas to yacht

  • Arrange for riggers to check and report on state of rig and running rigging

  • Wash sheets, jackstays, rigging lines and warps.

  • Whip any lines or warps that are frayed

  • Quote for rig replacement

Engine Service

  • Engineer to attend to service and winterise engine

  • Service gearbox or sail drive

  • Clean battery terminals and coat with grease

  • Clean and polish diesel tank if required

  • Ensure batteries are on charge

  • Top up fuel tank

  • Service outboard

Down Below

  • Remove, wash, fireproof and replace cushion covers

  • Apply mould and mildew where required

  • Wash, iron and rehang curtains

  • Wash pillows

  • Full interior deep clean

  • Quote for replacement interior cushion covers

  • Purify/clean water tanks – flush freshwater system with Puriclean

  • Set up heaters and dehumidifiers

  • Repair any dents in sole boards

  • Complete a full inventory check, note down any defects or broken equipment

  • Lift all mattresses and cushions to allow flow of air around the interior of the vessel

  • Tie open doors and cupboards to provide good ventilation

  • Clean hatch seals and apply Vaseline.  Water test all hatches


  • Clean and machine polish hull topsides

  • Remove oxidation, polish to a high gloss finish and apply Yacht Shine

  • Clean, renovate and brighten teak

  • Deep clean deck and wash sheets and jackstays

  • Full exterior Deep Clean (including external lockers)

  • Check, fix/replace locker or lazerette hinges

  • Provide advice on any deeper marks that may require more specialised attention

  • Wash all blocks, jammers, furling gear with fresh water to remove salt deposits

  • Inflate dinghy, wash out and dry before repacking and stowing below

  • Straighten an bent stanchions

  • Check any equipment that has a time expiry date

  • Renew any safety equipment that requires annual servicing

  • Remove all fenders and mooring warps, wash, remove any marks and apply air should they have deflated


  • Organise and supervise yacht lift and pressure wash

  • Organise and supervise yacht relaunch

  • Supply Reeds Nautical Almanac

  • Supply charts and folios (paper and electronic)

  • Create a detailed list of expiry dates for all routing maintenance and safety equipment (we can also manage this going forward)

  • Regularly check to ensure that vessel is secure in its cradle and / or been chocked correctly by the yard

  • Plug into shore power and check heaters and dehumidifiers running correctly and provide a regular check that they are still working

Pre-Season check /commissioning

  • Check electrics system (nav lights, interior lights etc)

  • Recommission engine

  • Check and calibrate if required – speed, depth and wind instruments

  • Check water system

  • Check safety gear

  • Check all skin fittings

  • Bleed stern gland (if deep sea seal type)

  • Check and adjust door catches and hinges

  • Check and adjust locker lids and catches

  • Check steering system (grease and check / tighten cables)

  • Check rudder bearings

  • Refit sails and covers

  • Recommission toilet systems and refill/install Purytec system