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Booking Information – Hamble Point Yacht Charters

We know how difficult it can be to get a group of people to agree on dates for a trip, find and reserve the right yacht and arrange for each person to pay their deposit, so we are generally happy to hold a provisional charter booking for a week whilst you get your crew to confirm their availability.

Please Contact Us for up to the minute availability for any of our yachts, training or events, to make a booking, or for more information about any of our services.

When enquiring about availability, it will greatly help us if you can let us know

  • your preferred dates
  • the maximum number of people who will be on board
  • preferred yacht length, type and number of cabins or preferred layout
  • the skipper and crew’s level of experience
  • any other particular requirements that you may have

Making a Booking

When you contact us to book a yacht charter, sail training or a sailing event, we will discuss your requirements with you to ensure that we have properly understood what you are looking for, and will let you know what availability we have that matches your requirements. If you are booking a skippered charter or corporate event, or if there are several possibilities which may match your requirements, then we may send you a summary and pricing by email rather than quoting rates directly over the telephone.

Handover and return times (these may differ due to the Coronavirus situation)

Weekend : 17:00 Friday – 17:00  Sunday

Mid-Week break: 14:00 Monday – 10:00 Friday

Week: 17:00 Friday – 10:00 Friday

Many other single day and multi-day options available – please ask!

When you are ready to make a booking then we can “pencil in” a booking for you while you confirm the details with your crew or other participants. We will then send you a charter agreement and booking form by email. Your booking will be confirmed when we receive a 25% deposit of the charter fee from you, along with proof of acceptable sailing qualifications for a bareboat charter and a signed copy of the charter agreement. For your first charter, we will also ask for a copy of your passport or driving license. We will keep a copy of this on file to use for future charters, unless you ask us not to.

Sailing Qualifications

For a bareboat yacht charter, our normal requirement is for the skipper to hold a Coastal Skipper (Tidal) qualification or equivalent experience, and for at least one other person on board to have the equivalent of RYA Competent Crew level of experience. However, we can accept a skipper for our smaller yachts with the equivalent experience of Day Skipper (Tidal) if there are at least two people on board at that level and after we have had a chat with you to confirm that we are confident that your charter will be successful.

 If you do not have any formal qualifications but you have plenty of experience then our Fleet Manager will have a chat with you and determine whether he is happy for you to take one of our yachts.

If there is any doubt about whether you are ready to skipper one of our yachts then we may suggest that you take one of our skippers with you for a day, and if all goes well he will then leave you to continue and complete your charter on your own.

Booking Form and Charter Agreement

We will email you a contract for your charter when you make a skippered or bareboat charter booking. We must receive a signed copy from you before you can commence your charter. See here to view the content. The contract is based on a template prepared by the Marine Leisure Association.

Before you leave the marina at the beginning of your charter, you will need to provide us with contact details for your skipper and crew, and to let us know your intended itinerary, in addition to confirming your requirements for your charter. We will ask you if there are any updates to the booking form before you leave our office to go to your boat as there are often crew changes between the time of booking and the time of departure and for safety and for insurance purposes we need to be aware of who is on board at all times during your charter.


Payment of a 25% deposit of your charter fee secures your booking with us. Payment of the balance is due two weeks before departure.

Payment may be made by credit card, debit card, cheque or by transfer to our bank account – details given below:

Account name: Hamble Point Yacht Charters Ltd

Sort Code: 20-79-25

Account number: 73076245

Reference: Please quote your booking reference.


Provisional bookings and “pencilled in” bookings can be cancelled without charge, but we do appreciate you letting us know as soon as possible if you will not be taking up a booking, so that we can let other people know what is available.

For confirmed bookings, if notice of cancellation is given at least two full calendar months before the commencement of the charter then the deposit is forfeit but you will not be liable for the balance payment. If notice of cancellation is given within two months of commencement of your charter, then you will remain liable for the full balance of the charter fee.

If you do have to cancel your charter, we will make every effort to re-let the yacht. If we are successful in doing this then we will refund all your payments to you less 50% of your deposit payment to cover the expenses of reletting.

Alternatively, you will also be entitled to sub-let the Yacht to a person who, at our discretion, is an acceptable alternative hirer. Please ensure you advise us of changes to the skipper and their sailing qualifications, before arriving at the yacht, to avoid any embarrassment.

Insurance & Cruising Limits

All our yachts are insured against fire and the usual marine and collision risks, with third party cover of £3,000,000, but with an excess in line with the security deposit requested for each yacht. Damage to mast, spars, sails and rigging is covered if caused by dismasting or collision.

Yachts are insured for a cruising range consisting of inland and coastal waters of the UK including continental waters between Elbe and La Rochelle, but not beyond Brest between 1st October and 30th April. If you wish to travel further afield then insurance for this can usually be arranged for your trip.  Please contact us.

Racing cover can be arranged at an additional charge when required.

We strongly recommend that you should ensure that you have personal insurance cover for you and your crew to provide cover against personal accident, medical and emergency expenses, personal liability, legal expenses, loss of baggage, personal effects and money, cancellation and travel disruption.

Security Deposit or Fuel and Accidental Damage Option

For both bareboat and skippered charter, you may choose either of our two options for accidental damage and loss cover. Payment must be made before your charter commences and may be paid by cheque two weeks in advance, or may be paid by credit card or cash on your arrival at our office.

  1. Security Deposit: A refundable payment of between £600 and £5000 depending on the yacht chartered (triple for racing). Current amounts payable can be found on our Rates page. You will be liable for damage or loss incurred to the yacht and its ancillary equipment or to any third party yacht involved in an accident with your yacht and its equipment up to a maximum of the security deposit paid. If damage or loss occurs to a value lower than the security deposit you will be refunded your payment less the cost of repair. If damage or loss incurred exceeds the security deposit value, your payment will not be refunded but you will not be required to pay any additional costs. If you do not refuel your yacht after your charter, the cost of the fuel plus a service charge will be charged.We aim to return the security deposit or any balance remaining after repairing any loss or damage to the yacht, her equipment and furnishings that occurred during the charter period, within 14 days of the return of the yacht to us at the end of your charter.

  2. Fuel and Accidental Damage Payment: A non-refundable payment covering any accidental damage or loss incurred to the yacht and its ancillary equipment, and loss or damage to any third party yacht involved in an accident with your yacht and its equipment. Up to £70 of fuel is included in your payment giving you peace of mind and additional convenience, as you are not required to return the yacht with a full tank of fuel. Pricing is as follows:

Yacht Length: Up to 2 days: (£40 of fuel inc.) Week: (£70 of fuel inc.) Each additional day:
30 to 35ft £195 £360 £70
35+ to 39ft £210 £390 £75
39+ to 42ft £240 £455 £80
42ft+ – 45ft £280 £530 £85
45ft + £340 £650 £90


Neither the Fuel and Accidental Damage Option nor the Security Deposit cover damage or loss caused by acts of gross negligence, such as damage incurred whilst sailing outside of the defined sailing area, sailing under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or taking the yacht single handed. If one of our skippers is employed you are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the skipper’s operation of the yacht.

Racing: Where you are racing the yacht in an organised regatta or event, a refundable Security Deposit will be taken before the commencement of your charter. You may also choose to take the Fuel and Accidental Damage Option which would then be in force at all other times during your charter, including getting to and from the race. This would limit your liability during your charter to the Accidental Damage option, with any damage or loss occurring during the race being taken out of the Security Deposit.

Checking In and Out

On your arrival at the marina, please call in at our office. We will verify that we have received your signed charter agreement and your booking form, and that your crew details and planned itinerary have not changed. We will issue you with a parking permit (at no extra charge) for each car that you have brought with you and will let you know the code for access to the pontoons and to the shower facilities.

We will take payment of your security deposit if this has not been done in advance of your arrival, and will give you the key to your yacht. We will ensure that you have our office telephone number, our out of hours emergency number, and Sea Start’s telephone number, with whom all our yachts are registered.

If you wish to hire wet weather clothing, towels or bedding then we will issue you with these, take any payment due, and then, when possible, take you to your yacht.

You may park anywhere in the marina, however, during Winter months, the car park nearest to the pontoons is used for storage of overwintering yachts, so parking elsewhere is recommended

When you reach your yacht, we ask you to check around it and note any scratches or other imperfections. You should check through the inventory, and then give us a call on our office number. We will then send a member of our service team to you to hand over the yacht, pointing out any technical peculiarities, finding any inventory items that you have not been able to locate, and answering any questions that you may have concerning the yacht, or about sailing your intended itinerary. You will then be free to depart at your leisure.

You are due back in the marina at the end of your charter, cleaned and packed up and yacht vacated, by the time specified on your booking details. It is important that you do keep to these return times as we may have only a couple of hours to check the yacht over and prepare it ready to go out again later that evening.

Please return your yacht to the berth from which you left – the number is marked on the front of the folder that you took down to the yacht – and please bring the keys and return paperwork to us in the office before you leave. We will then verify that you have filled in the return paperwork, and will ask you to let us know of any problems that you have encountered with the yacht during your charter so that we can resolve them for the next charterer.

As our return checks take a couple of hours, we will generally carry these out on the day after your charter and will let you know of any problems found as soon as possible after that. It can take us some days to refuel the whole fleet after a busy weekend, so it can take up to two weeks to get the full list of any charges back to you following your charter.

If you find that our office is not open when you return your yacht, please make sure that the yacht is securely moored and is locked up. Please complete and sign the return paperwork in the folder that you took down to the yacht, and then leave the folder and paperwork plus the key to the yacht, at the marina office.

Late Arrivals

Our office is open until 6pm Monday-Thursday and until at least 7pm on Fridays. A member of your crew must be able to pick up the key from us within these hours to ensure access, although we may be able to arrange for you to pick up the key from the marina office if you have let us know in advance that you will be late.

If your skipper is not present and ready for our service team to carry out the hand over of the yacht by 6pm, or by 7pm on Fridays, then we will have to complete the handover at 9am the next morning.

Wet Weather Gear

Good quality wet weather trousers, jackets and boots can be hired from our office. We have a good selection of sizes so it is not normally necessary to prebook. Where possible it is always a good idea for crew members to come to the office and try on the gear that they intend to hire to ensure a good fit. We do not currently have children’s sizes.

Children's Lifejacket

Please let us know in advance if you require lifejackets for children and we will ensure that these are made available for you. Please let us know the height and weight of each child. There is no charge for lifejackets.

Sail Hire

Some of our yachts have a spinnaker or cruising chute optionally available for hire. Please let us know ahead of your arrival where possible if you would like to hire one so that we can ensure that it is ready to go on board before or at the time of your arrival.

Outboard Engine Hire

All our yachts have an inflatable dinghy on board, but hire of an outboard is an optional extra. Where possible, please let us know in advance if you would like to hire an engine so that we can ensure that this is ready for you on your arrival.

Refueling and Cleaning

On your return, you may either refuel the yacht at Port Hamble Marina and let us have sight of your refuelling receipt so that we can tick the box to say that your yacht has definitely been refuelled; or you may let us refuel her for you, in which case we will charge you the cost of the fuel plus a £35 administration fee. Unfortunately, if you refuel elsewhere, eg Cowes, then we will have to top up the fuel to ensure that the tank is full for the next charterers, and we will have to charge you the cost of doing so.

If you would prefer not to have to spend time cleaning your yacht at the end of your charter then please just let us know. We will add a cleaning charge to your charter fee, and will do the cleaning and tidying for you.


If you would like to have food delivered by one of the supermarkets to your yacht then please specify the name of your yacht and ‘Hamble Point Yacht Charters’ in the delivery address. The delivery will then come to our office and we will keep it in a trolley at the office ready for you to pick up on your arrival. Please remember that the yachts do not have freezers on board and that on a hot day, frozen items may have melted or thawed before you arrive!

Lost Property

Please check that you have all your personal belongings with you before you vacate the yacht. If you find that you have left anything behind, these may be returned to you at a cost of £10 plus postage and packaging (please note that the charge may be higher for heavy, large or valuable items). We will dispose of any unclaimed items after 28 days.

Charter handover and return times

The normal handover times for a winter weekend are 5pm Friday to 4pm Sunday; and then after the clocks change it is 5pm Friday to 5pm Sunday. For a midweek booking it is 14:00 Monday to 10:00 Friday. For a week the times are 5pm Friday to 10am Friday.

We offer many other single and multi day options so please just ask.

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