Are you too busy to sort out the shopping for your upcoming trip; or are you new to catering for a sailing trip?

Just leave the worry to us by either giving us your list to use or use ours which has been created after years of experience,  and ensure your yacht is ready-to-go by so all you have to do is turn up and go sailing!

Full Shop
Cost £65 including delivery to boat (plus the food!)

All our charters come with a standard pack which includes:

2 x tea towels

1 x flat sponge

1 x scourer sponge

1 x kitchen roll

1 x washing up liquid

1 x Anti Bacteria spray

1 x box of matches

We also offer an Eco cleaning pack for £35

1 x Bin Bags (pedal bin size – 30 on a roll)

1 x Handwash (BioD)

1 x Washing Up Liquid

1 x Hand Sanitiser

1 x BioD Toilet cleaner

1 x BioD Multi Surface cleaner

1 x Scourer

These items can also be purchased individually. Click here for more information.

First evening shop
Cost £35
We can provide you with tea, coffee, milk as well as cereals for breakfast.

As well as food and drink, we also provide bedding for hire – such as pillows, sleeping bags, and linen – and can kit you out with good-quality waterproofs.

We’ll make sure you have everything you need, so you can relax and begin your adventure that little bit earlier.