Maintenance Top Tips

Create an efficient cleaning routine

Exposure to saltwater presents a continuous risk for corrosion, a reason to take a cleaning routine seriously for your yacht.

Not only will this lengthen the lifespan of everything from rigging and gel coats, to engine parts, ropes, and even the upholstery, but it also means you are staying one step ahead, spotting issues as they arise such as new cracks and corrosion.

Thorough and regular cleaning will not only protect functional parts but also allow you to ensure safety features, retain aesthetic surfaces and keep elements from degrading. Show your yacht some love and keep on top of things like scuffs, streaks, and dust.

Here at Hamble Point Yacht Charters we offer our ‘wash and go’ service, a one-stop service for local yachts! You can take your pick from a topside clean & polish, interior deep clean or full valet by our professional team of valeters.

Make yacht inspection a habit

Combining an efficient cleaning routine and making yacht inspection a habit is our top tip for maintenance success. Compare the inspection process to the likes of checking in with loved ones. If you skipped over any, you’re likely to hear about it in the future! So set aside adequate time for your yacht inspection and make it a habitual process. Check levels of coolant, oil, and the like; examine your propeller, deck hardware, and batteries; each and every element of your craft deserves and will benefit from a check-in.

Identify valuable on-board spares

It’s always sensible to have a back up, with all your safety equipment stowed away be sure you have a sensible selection of spares to hand too! If things go wrong you’ll have peace of mind that you have the tools/ equipment necessary to roll our repairs and get you home safely! Beyond rigging spares it’s definitely worth considering fuses, plumbing parts, sail repair kit and so on. The better you know your boat, the more likely you can anticipate potential needs before they surprise you!

Create a yacht maintenance checklist

We cannot vouch for this enough! No matter how familiar you become with your yacht, even the best of us can let things slip from time to time. This is where a yacht maintenance checklist really comes in to it’s own. Making sure all items are ticked off is always time well spent. If you’re just getting acquainted with your yacht, bringing in a pro to help work with you and create your checklist is a fantastic strategy. Paying someone for their time now can mean avoiding an expensive bill later so is a really worthwhile approach. Using various checklists for different intervals, will ensure your daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks never sail off into the horizon!

With 25 years of experience in yacht management we have worked meticulously to create a recommended list of works, you can download the list to identify what you need doing and we will send you back a quote. If you’re still becoming acquainted with your vessel and would like to work with us to create a custom list for your yacht, get in touch we’d be happy to help!

Keep a yacht maintenance log

A yacht maintenance log is a fantastic aid. Not only will it be a valuable reminder of what you did and when, it will also be a worthwhile resource if you come to sell your yacht in the future. Make sure you log all maintenance and servicing tasks and include dates and details as appropriate. A maintenance log is also extremely useful for keeping tack on issues that do not require attention right now but may do in the not too distant future. To make the most of your yachting experience, make the condition of your vessel a reflection on yourself, knowing that if you do the rewards will be plentiful.

We can help take the stress out of owning your own yacht

We can manage all or part of your maintenance for you, or we can hold a list for you and just let you know when safety items or warranties are due to expire.   Have a look at our website to look at the different options we have for Yacht Owner Services