Discover the joy: Why You Should Try Steering a Yacht with a Tiller Helm

When envisioning the quintessential image of sailing, many minds conjure the romantic notion of a Helm gracefully guiding a vessel through the open seas, hands on the wheel of a classic ship. Yet, there exists another perhaps lesser-known (unless a hardened dinghy sailor) method of steering a yacht-one that offers a unique and immersive experience: the tiller helm.

The Art of Tiller Steering:

In contrast to the wheel helm, which often separates the helmsman from direct contact with the boats movement’s, the tiller helm places the sailor in connection with the boat’s dynamics. A tiller allows a helmsman to exert precise control over the rudder stock and the feel is very different and much more responsive and sensitive.

3 reasons why we love tiller steering

1. Tillers provide an immediate and intuitive response offering a more direct connection to the yacht’s movements.

2.  Simplicity and Reliability: Unlike complex wheel systems with mechanical linkages and hydraulic components, tiller helms are straightforward in design, reducing the likelihood of mechanical failure and simplifying maintenance requirements. This simplicity also translates to ease of use, making tiller-steered yachts accessible to less experienced sailors and seasoned veterans alike. They are a good stepping stone for youth and younger dinghy sailors to get into yachting.
3.  Tiller steering is a sensory experience of sailing, amplifying the connection with the wind, water and weather. Feeling the subtle nuances of the yacht’s response through the tiller, sailors become attuned to the every-changing conditions of the environment, heightening their appreciation of seamanship.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor seeking a new challenge or a transitioning dinghy sailor wishing to get into yachting, the tiller helm beckons. The next time you are thinking of taking a yacht charter consider taking one of our smaller tiller helm yachts out and experience the thrill of steering a yacht in its purest form.

Red Kite, Elan 31

We offer a variety of yachts within our fleet and have tiller vessels available for charter. Take a look at Red Kite, an Elan 31 she's a fabulous all-rounder. A popular and versatile yacht, fast in light winds but also highly capable and easy to handle in more challenging conditions, equally important to the cruising family and the race crew. Another is our fabulously fast cruiser racer Jukebox, a Beneteau First 32 with a powerful new engine. She is a little older than the rest of our fleet but we think she is a great little yacht and perfect for a getaway with a small group of friends or family!

The charter fee for Red Kite and Jukebox includes an hour of complimentary tiller tuition should you wish, meaning you can set sail confidently with a tiller helm.

Jukebox, Beneteau First 32