We’ve teamed up with Inspiration Marine

Karen and Phil shaking hands

Hamble Point Yacht Charters has teamed up with the UK office of Inspiration Marine in Hamble, to provide an innovative new way to support yacht sales. 

Inspiration Marine are the UK brokerage for Dehler, Hanse and Privilege sailing yachts as well as respected motorboat and RIB brands. 

We have over 25 years’ experience in running and charter managing a fleet of privately-owned yachts the UK’s most popular sailing area. Under our Standard Charter Management programme, an owner has unlimited use of their own yacht - they simply choose the dates which they are prepared to allow her to be chartered and take a percentage of the charter income. 

We worked closely with Inspiration Marine to demonstrate how the income from chartering could help to financially support a boat purchase without restricting the new owners from sailing their new yacht. 

Our fleet management team take care of the marketing and operations; including finding and vetting suitable charterers, cleaning and preparing the boat for charter, arranging handovers and checkbacks and cleaning the boat after charter, as well as undertaking routine maintenance to keep the yacht in tip-top condition and ready to sail by the owners. The owners receive 60% of the charter income. 

Phil Dollin, Director at Inspiration Marine commented:

“Having a charter option immediately available with Hamble Point Yacht Charters gave our client the confidence to purchase their first yacht.
“Charter Management reduced the financial risk for the client and I don’t think we would have closed the sale without the client having the reassurance of a charter income.
“We have always worried that a charter discussion would complicate the sale, but actually it became an enabler.”

Karen Potts, owner at Hamble Point Yacht Charters commented:

We know that charter management offers a flexible way for yacht owners to significantly reduce the costs associated with yacht ownership. We have long believed that this could help potential yacht buyers to minimise their financial risk and have been looking for a broker who could see the value in this for their clients.
“It has been brilliant to see the success that this approach has had for Inspiration Marine and we hope that this will be the first of many new buyers who consider our Charter Management as a way to help finance their new purchase.” 

For more information on chartering your yacht (or potential new yacht), take a look at our Buyer Support Programme and Managed Yacht Charter. Or for further information, please call us on 023 8045 7110

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