Support Greener Boating in 2022

We are passionate about reducing the marine carbon footprint and supporting greener boating.

An exciting development is taking place at Hamble Point Marina, which has been chosen as 1 of 5 MDL sites to be introducing new rapid marine charging technology!

The 'Aqua' superpower charging stations will provide dual simultaneous DC charging of up to 75kW to MDL marine users. With the electric boating market increasing, it is fantastic news to hear that eco-friendly and sustainable options will be available at our base in Hamble Point.

In other developments, recreational boaters have been asked to 'do their bit' in protecting special seagrass habitats along Studland Bay, on the 17, Dec a no-anchor zone will be introduced in localised core area of seagrass situated in Studland Bay Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ). This will mark the first phase of the Marine management of anchoring within the bay. A larger, permanent voluntary no-anchor zone will be introduced from 1 June 2022 which will cover the majority of the seagrass beds within the MCZ.

These conservation measures are not only important in protecting seagrass beds, they will aid the prevention of coastal erosion, support precious species such as seahorses, as well as local commercial fish stocks, help to combat climate change, and provide an attractive environment for tourism and recreation to flourish.

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