Our top eco friendly tips when chartering!

At Hamble Point Yacht Charters we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and helping encourage others to do the same. As we celebrate World Ocean’s Day 2022 here are some of our top tips for eco-friendly chartering and reducing our carbon footprint when sailing!


  • Anchor responsibly! To ensure we reduce the impact of anchoring on the environment never anchor on or near a reef or let your anchor chain drag across the sea bed, make use of mooring buoys.


  • Sail rather than motor! Use your sails as much as possible, study your charts and check your course accurately to avoid scrapping your keel or impacting local wildlife and ecosystems, and minimise generator use.


  •  Use eco-friendly products whilst you charter with us, did you know we have partnered with a local company (Any Green Will Do)  to provide you with the opportunity to purchase Recyclable Eco products to replace the products we already provide for your charter. We can provide a bundle of eco-friendly goodies for a nominal charge.


  •  Choose a destination that respects environmental guidelines. Did you know that areas such as Studland Bay are asking recreational boaters to ‘do their bit’ in protecting special seagrass habitats. Recently they introduced a no anchor zone in a localised core area. Check your route and research your passage to support such campaigns when sailing.


  • Use bilges as a recycling area, and potentially for storage of fruit/veg, a naturally cool area you can utilise these spaces onboard!


  • Shop and eat local, support local businesses and communities by eating or shopping where you moor up, there are so many wonderful eateries and businesses along our marinas and harbour towns so explore where you moor up and find some great hidden gems.

Find out more about what we're doing to help by reading our environmental policy.