Why Choose a Summer Sailcation?

A Sailcation is for everyone who loves to experience complete freedom to explore and feel the wind running through your hair, offering a unique experience and a whole new perspective than staying on the land. If you have a strong desire for wanderlust a sailing holiday means you can reach those nooks and crannies of scenic locations, explore the quiet hidden gems of the British seascape and get up close and personal with nature too!

You don’t have to travel too far to have an amazing time and a sailcation in The Solent area and beyond can full of adventure and fun.

If you don’t know how to sail or you would like some extra relaxation for your well-earned break, we offer skippered charters too – a truly blissful way to unwind with your loved ones, including your furry friends. 

We've created a 'snapshot' of some fantastic places to sail to and things to see and do locally!

There is a wide choice of numerous locations to sail to and enjoy in one trip, choose the itinerary you want and sail wherever you choose. For further inspiration take a look at a  variety of opportunities of where to sail from our base, Hamble Point Marina.

What better way to reconnect with the outdoors than exploring by sea, start planning this season's sailing now, CONTACT US contact us to discuss your sailing requirements and plan your summer sailing now!