Yacht Management / Guardianage

Hamble Point Yacht Charters - Yacht Management/Guardianage Scheme

Our Yacht Management Scheme ensures that a close eye is kept on your yacht.  We can arrange berthing at Hamble Point Marina, full commercial marine insurance and can carry out all routine maintenance and servicing, as well as the annual winter haul out and refit, working with reputable local companies to ensure that quality is maintained and that work is followed through to satisfactory completion.  If you prefer, you may also opt to carry out some or all of the annual maintenance or other work on your yacht yourself rather than us arranging for it to take place.  We have a fleet insurance policy and will be pleased to give you a quote for this on request.

We will ensure that your yacht is ready for your use when you arrive at the marina, and on your return we will clean her, place her dehumidifier back on board, check her over, and carry out any little maintenance jobs that are required or additional work that you would like us to attend to. 

For a fee of £125+VAT per month we will oversee the management, maintenance, repairs and upkeep of your yacht.  This includes:

If you wish us to we will also refuel the yacht after your usage, charging the cost of the fuel plus a minimal service charge to do so.

In addition, we are happy to organise and carry out or arrange any servicing, repairs, replacements or renewals that you may wish us to.  We charge an extremely competitive rate for in-house labour and have good relations with all the marine trades locally and within the marina.   Please call us or email us for further details.

023 8045 7110

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